Refrains ✦

Kia ora, my name is James. I go by the moniker Refrains. I am a high school student from New Zealand, interested in programming, networking and design. I mainly program in TypeScript, Kotlin and Java. I also do system administration, managing Linux servers and UniFi network equipment at my home.


Rentool is a peer-to-peer tool rental marketplace. This platform enables locals to rent their tools out to neighbours. The project promotes a circular economy, reducing costs and waste. Part of the project has involved meeting with the local city council, and developing the application using technologies such as TypeScript, Next.js, Tailwind CSS, Drizzle, and Docker. It is currently still in development.


Bridging is a Spigot plugin I produced for Quadflame, a Minecraft server based in the Oceania region. Bridging helps players train their bridging skills, to be applied in other minigames such as Bedwars. The plugin featured an arena system, map pasting, cosmetic shop, statistics system and a replay system. The plugin also featured a Discord bot integration I made using This allowed members of the Discord server to lookup other player's statistics.